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Eric Clapton was brought up by foster-parents, started listening to the blues when he was 15, bought his first guitar at 17 and taught himself to play. He formed his first band in 1963 - a rhythm & blues outfit called Roosters. Later that year he joined The Yardbirds, where he established his reputation as a blues stylist. Leaving The Yardbirds in 1965, he went on to join John Mayall's Bluesbreakers where he attracted more followers and began to be recognised as a major influence - hailed the guitar hero. In 1967 he formed Cream and experienced his first taste of major commercial success. However, Cream folded in 1968 and between then and about 1970 he pursued several projects. He made his first solo album in 1970 and then went on to join Derek & The Dominoes. It was the relative failure of this band, coupled with an increasing drug problem which took Clapton off the music scene for several years. Since 1974 he has pursued a fairly low profile career, making relaxed, down-home albums.

Eric Clapton: The New Visual Documentary by Marc Roberty

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