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Top rated Richter-tuned Octave Harmonica (40 brass reeds). Key of C.

The instruments have a divided comb made of plastic. When drawing or blowing, two reeds at a time are caused to vibrate. 

They are tuned with an interval of exactly one octave apart . To minimize air loss and to increase the volume there are additional windsavers built in. The result is a full and powerful sound.

  • 10 discrete holes 40 reeds, 2x2 reeds per channel, half-valved
  • Body discrete, plastic 
  • Covers stainless steel,
  • Reedplates 0,9mm, 
  • Weight Concerto 94g 3.316 Oz) 
  • Measures: 125x30x27mm (4.9, x 1.18 x1.06 inches)


Thank you.

Seydel Concerto Octav Harmonica (M) -SOLD

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